CME on Sowa-Rigpa – 13th March – 18th March 2017

Session-1- Code & Ethics of Tibetan Medical Practitioner

Session-2-  Introduction and Special features of Sorig Bhum-zhi

Session-3– Pediatric disease according to Sowa-Rigpa

SESSION-4-Management of evil disorder according of Sorig Bhum-zhi

SESSION-5 – Obstructed Labour/ Labour dystocia

SESSION-6 – Management of Puerperal Pyrexia

SESSION-7 – Management of Liver Cancer

SESSION-8 – Practical demonstration on Moxabustion

SESSION-9 – Management of Psorasis

SESSION-10 – Common Medico-Legal Problems faced by Doctors.

SESSION-11 – Thyroid Disorders

SESSION-12 – How to deal Medical Negligence in clinical practice.

SESSION-12B – Medico legal Responsibilities of General Practitioner

SESSION-13 – Management of Lung Cancer

SESSION-14 – Origin of rGyud-bZhi according to Dese Sangye Gyatso

SESSION-15 – Propagation of Ayurveda by Acharya  Nagarjuna

SESSION-16 – Rasayana according to Ayurveda

SESSION-17 – Management of Breast Cancer

SESSION-18 – Traditional Medicine and its intellectual property right in India

SESSION-19 – Diagnosis in Soma Raja text

SESSION-20 – Scientific Research and Yoga : Holistic science of Body, Mind & Spirit

SESSION-20B -Policy and Research Methodology For Traditional Medicine

SESSION-21 – Is Mercury in Tibetan Medicine a Toxic? Clinical, Neuro cognitive & Biochemical results of an initial cross- sectional study

SESSION-22 – Preparation of medicinal butter