Central Council of Tibetan Medicine


Welcome to the Download Section through which you can download the various application forms and Inspection Report form of Central Council of Tibetan Medicine.

Sl. Form No. Purpose Click on icon to download / view the form
1 Form 1-A College Registration Form PDFMS WORD
2 Form 1-B College Inspection Form PDF / MS WORD
3 Form 1-C College Inspection member Form PDF MS WORD
4 Form 2-A Doctors-Registration- Form PDF  / MS WORD
5 Form 2-B Doctors-Additional-Qualification Form PDF / MS WORD
6 Form 3-A Pharmacy-Registration-Form PDF / MS WORD
7. Form 3-B Pharmacy-Inspection-Committee-Form PDF / MS WORD
8 Form 3-C Pharmacy-Inspection-member-Form PDF / MS WORD
9 Form 4 Friends of Tibetan Medicine -Form PDF / MS WORD
10 Form 5 Job Application Form PDF / MS WORD