Central Council of Tibetan Medicine


Until 2004, none of Traditional Tibetan physicians have been registered under any licensing authority. Our Colleges and Pharmaceutical units are also not registered, despite their high level of proficiency. Therefore, the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine aims to register all Medical Colleges, Pharmaceutical units and Traditional Tibetan medical practitioners over the time through its registrar appointed by the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine.

Registration of Traditional Tibetan Physicians

Under the clause 9 & 10 of the Tibetan Medicine Central Council Act. 2003, the Council has prepared registration forms and guidelines for the registration of Physicians, Academic Institutions, and for the production of Herbal Medicine. According to that, a Physicians who fulfill the criteria laid out in the Registration policy for Tibetan Medicine practitioners established by the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine will then be registered.

The Central Council of Tibetan Medicine has already started its Physician and Medical College registration from 2006. Registration forms, booklet and any information and enquirers related with the registration, may kindly contact to the office of Central Council of Tibetan Medicine.

Registration of Tibetan Medical Colleges and Institute

The Council has established a registration guidelines and a registration form for the registration of Medical Colleges and Institutions. The inspection team had visited Medical Colleges and inspect thoroughly with their academic curriculum, facilities and others. Until now, Four Medical Institutions viz. Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute; (Men-Tsee-Khang) Dharamsala, Dept. of Sowa-Rigpa; CUTS, Varanasi, Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute; Darjeeling and Department of Sowa-Rigpa, Central Institute of Buddhist Studies; Ladakh have been registered under the guidelines prepared by the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine.

Registration of Tibetan Pharmaceutical Company / Unit

Under the Clause 9.b of the TMCC Act.2003, Executive members have established a rules and regulation for the registration of Tibetan Pharmaceutical Company / unit. On 15th March, 2010, coinciding the first day of the 2nd National Conference cum Workshop on Tibetan Medicine, CCTM inaugurated the first ever pharmaceutical registration guidelines book and officially announced all the concerned for the registration.