Central Council of Tibetan Medicine

Farewell dinner party for Dr. Tsering Tsamchoe

On 2nd Dec. CCTM have arranged farewell dinner party to Dr. Tsering Tsamchoe lak. Though, she has served for 13 years in this dept., since from the 3rd term. Also, chairman shared his words of appreciation towards her service for this dept. and offered a Menlha scroll painting (thangka) along with white scarf (khata) as a token of gratitude. We have invited Dr. Tsewang Tamding, Dr. Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso (Chairman), Dr. Ngawang Soepa, Dr. Ugen Gyatso, Mrs. Karma Dolma, CCTM office secretary Mrs. Tseing Youdon and Dr. Thupten Kunphel has gathered for the event.