Central Council of Tibetan Medicine

Renew your registration and membership


Attention to all the Registered Practitioners:

All registered practitioner of CCTM are required to renew their registration as the three years renewal seal of year 2015 is expiring. Renewal is a key process which helps to provide assurance that medical practitioners are competent and fit to practice and that individual practitioner meet our standards. Thus we request all the registered doctor to renew their registration by paying renewal fees of INR 100/- Please note that you are not necessary visit our office in person and also not necessary to bring your registration certificate. Ones you pay your renewal fee, we will update the status in our official record book and site. We will then issue the renewal seal. If you send the fee through bank transfer, kindly send us a short email with detail of transaction and the correct postal address to send back your renewal seal.

With this notice, we request all the registered members to kindly renew their membership ID card by paying annual membership fees. Also, members are request to update your contact email and postal address if any changes. For any queries regarding renewal of registration and membership, please contact us by email at <[email protected]>

Kindly renew and update the followings

1. Renew you registration certificate

2. Renew you membership ID Card

3. Upgrade your contact details if any changes

4. Update your profile (bio-data) if any upgrade on your professional carrier and achievements


For any queries, please contact us at <[email protected]> or <[email protected]>

Both our office Telephone and Telefax is out of service. Please send your queries by email.

Thank you.