Central Council of Tibetan Medicine



a. Registration of Tibetan Medical Practioner Tibetan Medical Practioners who have not register bye-law of Central Council of Tibetan Medicine (CCTM) are requested to kindly register themselve under CCTM. As per rules and regulation, late fee will be charged for those who haven’t registered their name after a year of their graduation.

b. Registration of Tibetan Pharmaceutical Company/ Unit Central Council of Tibetan Medicine has established a rules and regulation for the registration of Pharmaceutical Company/Unit and has already began the process of its registration. With the resolution passed during the 14th Board meeting of CCTM, all the Tibetan Pharmaceutical company/unit holder to register bye-law of CCTM at earliest. For more information regarding the registration, please contact to our office.

Rules and Regulation for the Registration of Tibetan Medical Pharmaceutical Company / Unit