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  • CCTM Coordinator Dr. Nyima Tsering Lhunkhang gave a talk on Diet and Behavior in Tibetan Medicine on the World Health Day, organized by TSO Delhi. Thank you Dr. Nyima la! We also thank Dr. Sonam Tsering Surkhang for his briefings on Tibetan Medicine and Safe Diet on the world health day at Cholkha sum hall, Gangtok. CCTM thank TSO Gangtok for collaborating this event.

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  • General Inspection to Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute, Darjeeling. An Inspection team headed by CCTM Chairman Dr. Ngawang Soepa with Dr. Sonam Tsering Surkhang; CCTM North East Coordinator and a member from Tibetan Settlement office, Darjeeling.

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