Central Council of Tibetan Medicine

Important announcement regarding Registration of Sowa-Rigpa Practitioner


As we all aware that the Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine has been legalized by the Govt. of India in the year 2010, thus sooner or later all the medical colleges, institution and practitioner have to register under the CCIM act and regulation. Since the Central Council of Tibetan Medicine was established after an act passed by the Tibetan Parliament in Exile, mainly aim to preserve, promote and regulate the Sowa-Rigpa system in exile,  this council will remain in existence and thus to further strengthen this council, CCTM hold a special meeting on 18th May 2018. In the meeting, it has been discussed that all the Sowa-Rigpa practitioner has to respect the TMCC Act which established under the Article 18.2/3 of Charters of Tibetan-in-exile and has to conform the regulations laid by CCTM. As specified in the guidelines, we request all the newly graduate from the year 2018 has to register with the CCTM within a year after their graduation. As of clause 10.5 of TMCC Act., those of who fails to register with the CCTM will not be officially recognized as a Sowa-Rigpa practitioner by the Central Tibetan Administration. Thus, in the last 13 years of its inception, total 491 Tibetan Medical practitioners had been registered under CCTM and in the future after implementation of CCIM registration, CCTM will remain in constant and will continue the registration and regulation of Sowa-Rigpa system. Therefore, all the Sowa-Rigpa practitioner in exile are requested to register their name with CCTM.